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After more than 25 years in the fitness industry, 13 years coaching online, I am incredibly proud to share with you the culmination of all that experience;

The Live Lounge Lifestyle.

It is my most comprehensive and complete online fitness membership I've ever created. There is so much content here in The Live Lounge Lifestyle that you will have every tool to reach, maintain and even exceed your health and fitness goals. More importantly, your membership will ensure you have consistency with your fitness routine.

Consistency is key to success.

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Everything in The Live Lounge Lifestyle is there to give you consistency, week after week, month after month.

There'll be no 'Falling off the wagon'. There's no 'Yo-yo dieting'. The content here is so comprehensive and so varied that you will not fail to hit your goals.

The Live Lounge Lifestyle, as with all my online programmes, will fit in with even the busiest of schedules. Your membership gives you the perfect blend of live (and on-demand) classes and coaching, as well as access to an incredible array of resources to help you not only succeed, but stay successful

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There's even more too, because the Live Lounge Lifestyle will always evolve and improve. There'll be new content added to the back-catalogue every term, and going into season three, there'll be more content than ever before.

The live classes, by their very nature, keep things new and fresh.

There'll be diet hints and tips, live-chats and more.

Once you're a Live Lounge Lifestyle member...'ll not only be part of a private Facebook group, where you'll find all of the live classes, check-ins and coaching sessions, but you'll also have access to a private online members area, where you'll find all your on-demand classes, exercise 'snacks', printables, e-books and coaching.

Below are just some of the results from my previous online programmes.

These are real results from real women, just like you

Abigail lost 21lb & 29 inches

Antja lost 35lb

Anna lost 12lb and 8.5 inches

Kim lost 6lb and 6 inches

Sue lost 12lb

Juliet lost 8lb

Claire lost 10lb

Caroline lost 6lb

Ally lost 29lb

Debbie lost 21lb

Deborah lost 19lb

Tamara lost 11lb

Ginette lost 5 inches

Nicola lost 12lb

Jane lost 10lb

Kerry lost 22lb

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How It Works

The Live Lounge Lifestyle runs in 'Seasons'.

'Seasons 1, 2 and 3' kicked off with fantastic groups of international women, and Season 4 - the 'Summer edition', opens its doors again on 10th June, 2024 and runs until July 19th.

You'll then be invited to re-join for Season five, and so on.

You're not tied in for a year. You can be a member for every consecutive season, or dip in and out, making membership to the Live Lounge Lifestyle incredibly flexible.

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